Incident Investigations

TankerTEC Offshore is able to assemble a team of highly qualified engineers to undertake incident investigations as either lead investigator, an objective third-party or to work alongside a team provided by the client.

Teams work to national regulations and to prevailing class standards when undertaking investigations which are carried out in the strictest of confidence by engineers and support staff alike.

Results of investigations provide vessel owners and charterers with independent assurance as to the ‘root cause’ of an incident and also recommends steps to be taken in order to ensure that there is no recurrence.

Scope of work

  • Report on the circumstances leading to an incident
  • Establish if any safety, environmental, technical or economic impact is associated with an incident.
  • Review the effectiveness of the ‘emergency response’ to the incident.
  • Establish the critical factors and root cause.
  • Make recommendations to prevent the risk of any recurrence or incident.
  • Establish lessons learned for client and industry.

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